16 September 2019

This September Walmer Park Shopping Centre has asked shoppers to Live a Plastic Free Life and GET REWARDED, this month the Centre will be collecting used, clean plastic shopping bags from all shoppers, in aid of The Lake Farm Centre. Those Shoppers who donate 10 plastic bags at the Information Kiosk at the Shopping Centre will receive a free Walmer Park re-usable shopping bag. (note that the branded bags are limited to the first 500 shoppers)

“In light of the environmental initiatives taking place to clean up our oceans, rivers and green areas of cities we are asking our shoppers to be an environmental activist and “Pledge to go Plastic Free”! Shoppers will each be given a reusable bag - with a stunning image of the newly revamped shopping Centre on the front, which they can use during their shop and at their visit to Walmer Park. “said Deveda Bloem, Marketing Manager.

Walmer Park has partnered with Suzette Hendricks, a house parent at the Lake Farm Centre where all donated plastic bags collected will be used in their sleeping mats initiative run at Lake Farm. Suzette who has a passion for needle work and crocheting, saw a YouTube Video on how to recycle and reuse plastic shopping bags and the idea was born to start collecting to make sleeping mats for the homeless in our city in need of a warm sleeping surface at night.

As a house parent at the Lake Farm Centre she recruited the help of some of the residents who assist in preparing the plastic bags, so far over 41 sleeping mats have been made and 23 donated to those in need.

Walmer Park Shopping Centre has so far donated over 2000 plastic shopping bags towards this initiative and will continue to support Suzette and her team at Lake Farm - they need 250 plastic shopping bags to make one sleeping mat.

 “Lake Farm Centre is a non-profit organisation that relies on sponsorships and donations, they are home to 90 intellectually disabled adults who live in 7 hostels. Most of the residents work in 10 different work groups or workshops and contribute to the upkeep and running of the centre.”  Lake Farm Centre is a registered non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation.

Suzette and some members from Late Farm will be displaying their Sleeping Mats and other items at Walmer Park Shopping Centre on Saturday, 21st September in the Centre Court area (in front of the Information Kiosk) from 9am to 1pm. If any member of the public is interested in making these mats in aid of Lake farm or assisting Suzette in making the mats please email Deveda Bloem on [email protected] or contact Walmer Park Shopping Centre on 041 368 2690.

All plastic bags collect at Walmer Park Shopping Centre will be donated to the LAKE FARM Centre in Port Elizabeth.

Deveda Bloem  (Walmer Park Shopping Centre)  and Suzette Hendriks (Lake Farm Centre)
displaying one of the Sleeping Mats.