Walmer Park Shopping Centre Gift Cards are available from the Information Kiosk in the main Centre Court Area.

In terms of FICA legislation and our Gift Card purchase process, you are required to present original proof of identity when you purchase a Gift Card. The Information Kiosk consultants will scan your ID document or driver's licence using a scanning device situated at the Information Kiosk.

The Walmer Park Shopping Centre Gift Card works as a Mastercard and you can spend it at any shop within Walmer Park Shopping Centre. Your gift card automatically keeps its balance, so you’ll always know exactly how much you have left to spend. Balance enquiries can be made at the Information Kiosk or by visiting the website

Our Gift Cards are intended for use within Walmer Park Shopping Centre.  Should you choose to spend your Gift Card outside of this mall, you will incur additional fees per transaction.

Forms of payment available for purchasing Walmer Park Shopping Centre Gift Cards:

  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Electronic Transfer 

* Note no Cheques or Cash is accepted as a means of payment

Gift cards can be purchased for any amount between R50 and R5000 and are valid up until the date printed on the front of the card, noted as the "Valid date". Should you wish to purchase cards of a larger value, more than one card will be issued.


  • Positive identification is required for FICA and bank purposes.
  • Remember to sign the signature panel upon receipt of your Gift Card.
  • The Gift Card is accepted at all our stores.
  • Your Gift Card can be spent in stages, but remember to check your balance regularly.
  • Walmer Park Gift Cards are physical cards, cannot be emailed to recipients and cannot be used for online purchases. 


  • Visit our Information Kiosk or,
  • Call 0861 101210 (Tutuka) or;
  • Call 083 918 7700 or;
  • SMS your card number to 34246 or;
  • Visit


The gift card is an excellent employee or client incentive. Should you wish to purchase gift cards for your organisation, please send an email to our Information Officer Zoleka Ngumbela at  [email protected].

An invoice will be issued to the company, once payment has been received via EFT we will arrange for the Gift Cards to be collected.

We thank you for your continued support.