Walmer Park Shopping Centre has achieved 80% "off the Grid" as far as water is concerned and is now operating on Borehole Water and Rainwater Tank supply.  This is assisting in alleviating the pressure on the Municipal supply and ensures that our Tenants and customers have access to water when shopping at the Centre.

The Borehole Project, which cost over R4 million started in 2019 with the sourcing and drilling of two boreholes in the front of the Centre. This year the project was extended with the drilling of a 3rd borehole at the back of the of the Shopping Centre.  This leg of the project was completed and commissioned in May 2022.  

The entire project includes the connection of all borehole water supply to a Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) Processing Plant at the Shopping Centre, which filters and cleans the ground water produced by the boreholes.  This water is then sent for testing each week at an independent lab to ensure that it remains potable.

The Reverse Osmosis Plant includes ten 10 000 litre water tanks which supplies water to the entire Shopping Centre including all tenants who require water. In addition to these tanks, the Shopping Centre has five 10 000 litre tanks and twelve 5000 litre tanks which collects water harvested from rainwater flowing off from the vast roof area.  This enables our car wash tenant Wash-E-Moto to continue operating and to water our gardens at the Centre..   

To further reduce water usage in the bathroom facilities, Walmer Park Shopping Centre together with Water Savers SA has installed flow restrictor valves to all bathroom taps. This allows for 80% less water usage from those taps than before. We are not only committed to saving water but also to provide our shoppers with a pleasant all round shopping experience with little to no interruptions.

The completion of the Borehole Project this year and the Generator Project in 2021 allows us as a Shopping Centre to continue providing our shoppers and tenants with the very best shopping experience in the City!  

Issued on behalf of Walmer Park Shopping Centre

Deveda Bloem
Marketing Manager